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3 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time for a Remodel

Thinking of a home remodel, but don't know when's the best time to start your remodel? Here are 3 reasons why summer is the best time for a remodel!

Photo Credit:  jkoegel  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: jkoegel via Compfight cc

  1. The weather is nice, which is ideal working weather. With the warm weather, you don't have to worry about El Nino coming.
  2. With the natural light, you can see what colors will look like in your home.
  3. Usually summer allows for more flexible schedules, such as not having to take the kids to school.

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Hire a Contractor or Do It Yourself (DIY)?

With all the different DIY tutorials on the web, is it really necessary to hire a contractor for a remodel? There are important factors to consider when attempting a remodel on your own. Quicken Loans offers some Pros and Cons of both.

Photo: Bathroom remodel of a client in Long Beach, CA. For more photos of the entire home remodel, click  here .

Photo: Bathroom remodel of a client in Long Beach, CA. For more photos of the entire home remodel, click here.

With a contractor

  • You save time. Meaning they can most likely get the job done faster than you can, especially if you have work and a family to take care of.
  • Quality. The contractor will do the job right the first time, compared to you attempting to do the job yourself for the first time.
  • Warranties. Many contractors offer warranties to fix problems that may occur within a certain period of time after the project is completed.


  • Money. One of the main reasons people tend to go with DIY is because they save money.
  • Satisfaction. The fact you did the project on your own will leave you with a sense of satisfaction.
  • Experience. By working on a project yourself, you will gain some experience, whether it be becoming handy with tools or learning new techniques in building.

You can find the full article here.

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3 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Remodel

Thinking of having your home remodeled? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to remodel.

Home Remodel in Laguna Beach, CA. To see more images of this house, click  here .

Home Remodel in Laguna Beach, CA. To see more images of this house, click here.

  1. Know Your Budget
    Understand how much you can spend for the remodel. Keep in mind the fees for obtaining city permits for a  remodel.

  2. Focus on the Reasons Why You want a Remodel
    For example, you want to expand your master bedroom to accommodate a walk in closet. Think of how you want storage to work in that space and what you plan on storing in the closet. Doing so, will allow you to maximize the space in your closet.

  3. Understand the Remodel may be a Lengthy Process
    Depending on what it is you plan on remodeling, you may or may not be able to live in your home during the remodeling process. It would be best to prepare if you will need to move out during the remodel.

Keeping these 3 tips in mind will have you ready for your home remodel!

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What to Look for When Hiring a Contractor

There are many important things to consider when hiring a contractor. Here at Kaplan Construction, we want you to be aware of the things to consider when choosing a contractor. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides some useful tips while searching for the right contractor.

Photo Credit:  Brad Wang  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: Brad Wang via Compfight cc

  • Get estimates from different firms. Do not automatically choose the lowest bidder. Estimates will allow you to narrow down your choice.
  • Ask questions. Questions such as “How many projects like mine have you done in the past year?”, “Will my project require permits?”, and “May I have a list of references?” will help you in the decision making process.
  • Understand your payment options.  Do not pay cash! Pay with card or check; you have proof of your payment. Try to make payments during the project contingent of defined amounts of work.
  • Get a written contract. It should be clear and concise and include the who, what, where, when, and cost of your project.

You can find the complete and thorough list from the FTC here.

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