Fall Remodeling Projects

They say Summer is the perfect time for home remodels, but there are projects you can do in the Fall that are a great way to prep your home before winter comes. Luckily in California, we won't be feeling the Fall weather until a couple weeks or even months into the season, but you can still get a head start in prepping your home for cooler weather. 

Photo Credit:  flemingtongranitenj  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: flemingtongranitenj via Compfight cc

The projects we would like to focus on are those that keep the outside elements out and protect your home.  


Windows are sometimes poorly sealed, allowing cold air to come inside your home. Search your windows for any cracks, this is where the cold air will come from. You can easily seal these cracks with a window sealant.  Another solution would be to have heavy curtains on your window, but this might be the best solution for all windows.

Fall is also a good time to replace windows as well. If your windows are damaged, warped, or broken, they will need to be replaced. New windows bring in less draft than older windows and can reduce your energy costs as well. It may be a good thing to look into if you're planning on replacing your windows any time soon.


The siding of a house protects the house from the outside elements, such as weather. It sheds water, protects the walls, insulates, and adds aesthetics to the house. Fall is a good time to inspect your siding to make sure it is in good condition. Luckily in California, we rarely see rain around this time of year, so it is definitely a great time to inspect your siding.


Just like siding, your roof protects your home from the outside elements. Missing shingles, broken shingles, and shingle debris in your rain gutters are signs that your roof will need some repairs done. Another sign is the age of your roof. Usually roofs last about 20-25 years, so if your roof is within that age range, it may be a good time to inspect your roof. Ignoring these signs may cause your roof to leak, adding more items to be repaired in your home and increasing your expenses.


If you notice drafts coming in from your door, it is a good sign that you may need door repairs to keep outside air from coming into your home. Drafts entering your home from the outside will decrease the energy efficiency of your home, whether its summer or winter, resulting in increased energy bills. To fix this problem, you can either update the weather stripping or add a door sweep, or you can update your door to a newer model that is energy efficient and keeps drafts out. 

Along with drafts, you should also check your locks and handles to make sure they are all working properly and not loose. This will make sure your home is safe and secure.

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