Tricks to Ensure Your Halloween is a Treat

Halloween is just around the corner! Here are some tricks from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for you and the kids to have a fun and safe Halloween!

Photo Credit:  nocturnae  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: nocturnae via Compfight cc

All dressed up:

  • Plan costumes bright and reflective
  • Consider adding reflective tape or striping to costume
  • Make sure accessories, such as swords or sticks, are not sharp or too long.
  • Use flashlights with fresh batteries
  • Teach children how to call 9-1-1

On the trick-or-treat trail:

  • Always have a responsible adult accompany young children on their neighborhood rounds
  • Only go to homes with a porch light on and never enter a home or cat for a treat
  • Carry a cell phone for quick communication
  • Never cut across yards or use alleys
  • Notify law enforcement authorities of any suspicious activity

For more tricks to ensure your Halloween is a treat, go to the American Academy of Pediatrics website here.