home preparation for rain

Bring on the Rain - Just Not in Your House

Not everyday in California is all sunshine (but it sure feels like it), and we forget to prepare for the rain. There is talk of El Nino returning to California in the fall and winter. The Los Angeles Times calls it the ‘Godzilla’ El Nino. Here at Kaplan Construction, we want you to be prepared for this weather shift with a few tips.

Photo Credit:  FotosdeManuela  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: FotosdeManuela via Compfight cc

6 things to check to make sure your home is ready for rain:

  1. Gutters
    Clogged gutters could cause water to remain stagnant in places around the house. This will cause the soil to soften around your home, and potentially damage your house’s foundation.

  2. Roof
    Any cracks or damage on your roof may cause leaks in your house

  3. Ceilings
    This will be a good confirmation if there is a roof leak or any other type of leak that may be fixed before the rain arrives.

  4. Doors and Windows
    Make sure doors and windows can close properly. Water will be able to seep in if not properly sealed and shut.

  5. Decks
    Make sure your deck has been checked and resealed. Water, especially, can cause your deck to rot and deteriorate.

  6. Outdoor Items
    Make sure to store outdoor items properly, such as garden tools and BBQ grills.

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