power outage

National Preparedness Month - Week 4

Week 4 (September 20-26) of National Preparedness Month focuses on Power Outages. Power Outages are common in California due to our concentrated population. Long beach alone has seen multiple power outages in only the past couple months.

Photo Credit:  jennifer helen  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: jennifer helen via Compfight cc

The California Energy Commission provides tips to prepare for power outages:

  • Know where your circuit breakers are located and how to check if a breaker switch is tripped
  • Have a number of flashlights with fresh batteries around your home
  • Have a battery powered or hand-cranked generator radio
  • Post the emergency number for your electric utility
  • Have a regular, hard-wired telephone, not just a cordless model, and a fully charged cell phone.
  • Have a household first aid kit
  • Have a household disaster plan that you and your family can follow if something occurs

For the complete detailed list, go to http://www.consumerenergycenter.org/tips/beprepared.html