summer heat

Not Quite Feeling Like the End of Summer..

With Labor Day behind us, we associate that as the end of summer. Although summer is coming to an end, it sure doesn't feel like it! This week, in Long Beach and the rest of California, we get smacked with a heat wave. With that being said, power outages may occur due to the high electricity usage.

Photo Credit:  PhilipsPhotos  via  Compfight   cc

Photo Credit: PhilipsPhotos via Compfight cc

Here are some tips from to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning and to conserve electricity so you can stay cool in your home.

  1. Set your air conditioner to a practical temperature. Instead of setting it to 65 degrees, you can set it at 72 degrees.
  2. Check if your filters are clean. Dirty filters may result in lower air circulation, taking it longer to cool the house.
  3. Keep your filters clear. Make sure nothing is blocking your filters.
  4. Turn off the air conditioner. If windows and doors are open, make sure to turn of the air conditioner. Also, if no one is home, turn off your air conditioner. Doing so will help conserve electricity.
  5. Ducted air conditioning. Close the ducts in rooms that are not being used. Doing so will reduce the strain on the air conditioner and reduce your electricity.

For the detailed explanation and all the tips, go here. Stay cool and hydrated out there!